Objective-C Library for NetCDF ver.3

Welcome to the PaleoNetCDF Library homepage!

The PaleoNetCDF project originated as a sub-project at Argonne National Laboratory in the earty 2000s. The main project was to study the effects of Earth's orbital state for NASA. However, as a Macintosh user (back in the OS9 days) netcdf software was extremely rare. Much of the time, the NetCDF files were converted to HDF for use with Noesys. This was too inefficient to make significant progress.

As a result, I begin to write a complete interface for NetCDF files using objective-c that did not use the UCAR netcdf libraries. This direction was abandoned when the UCAR libraries could be compiled on the Macintosh (OSX) and incorporated into frameworks. Thus, the current thread of Objective-C development started.

At the end of the NASA project, with permission of NASA, Argonne National Laboratory designated the Objective-C interface as Argonne Open Source. Now, with much code added after the initial open source release, I've renamed the project as PaleoNetCDF. The framework as still designated Argonne Open Source.

Now that Apple has released a new language, Swift, we are investigating the possibility of coverting the library to Swift and considering supporting NetCDF 4